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GamersXP is a Gamers community tailormade project in ‘play to earn’ gaming
Play the games you love and Earn GMXP Tokens!
GameFi Ecosystem
GamersXP dAPP
GamersXP dApp, a unique Play-to-Earn experience. Purchase game schemes for your preferred AAA game, unlock extra challenges for more fun and more GMXP rewards.
Mint your own GamersXP ecosystem avatar NFT’s that will give you special privileges.
eSports Tournaments
Compete and increase excitement and rewards while playing your favorite games.
Utility PFP avatar NFT holders will be whitelisted to be able to participate in exclusive esports events.
NFT Marketplace & PFP User Avatar NFTs & PoA NFTs
A dynamic NFTs infrastructure and a decentralized marketplace where you can mint, swap, collect, and personalize your favourite Utility PFP avatars using custom traits, branded traits from the high-end esports brands and famous streamers.
Staking - Farming
Passive income opportunities for GMXP holders.
GamersXP Prepaid Debit Card
The card that lets you spend your GamersXP crypto like cash.
Post-Apocalyptic Heroes P2E PC Game
Post-Apocalyptic Heroes is a game in the distant future where the world has collapsed due to a deadly virus. Survivors have gathered to fight the zombie hordes and try to make humanity to reach the top once again.
Gaming Development Studio
Skilled team, and ambition to grow. We strive for making good games for our community.
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